Police Support Traffic Agent Program

By Kevin Masterman
Kevin Masterman

Kevin Masterman

Media & Communications Coordinator

Traffic Services


The Toronto Police Service (TPS) is supporting the expansion of the City of Toronto Traffic Agents program to make streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists and keep car traffic moving.

As special constables, Traffic Agents are empowered by the Province of Ontario to actively manage traffic at intersections in Toronto. 

The initial group of 14 Traffic agents are posted at key intersections during rush-hour periods to ensure people obey traffic laws and cross at appropriate times, prevent vehicles from blocking intersections and issue fines for parking. A total of 30 agents will be on the road by year's end.

A six-month pilot will leverage TPS Police and Special Constables to be assigned to strategic intersections during peak traffic periods to support the City of Toronto program. Up to 20 Special Constables and Police Constables per day can staff locations on a call-back basis during rush hour periods, with some assignments on weekends. On-duty resources will not be used for the pilot project.

“By providing Special Constables and Police Constables to assist with the Traffic Agents Program on a call-back model, we are joining the City in its efforts to mitigate traffic and pedestrian congestion and improve safety for all road users,” Deputy Chief Lauren Pogue said. “This six-month pilot project aligns with the Service’s traffic safety goals and enhances our commitment to Vision Zero as we work to reduce traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries on Toronto’s streets.”

The Traffic Agent program was successfully piloted in 2016. During the pilot period, there was at least a 90 per cent reduction in blocked intersections and a 70 per cent reduction in blockage of intersections by pedestrians.

“Expanding the City’s Traffic Agents Program is an important step in our efforts to manage traffic congestion in Toronto with common sense solutions. Increasing the number of Traffic Agents to 14 will help us provide better service to the public and ensure that our streets are safe and accessible for all road users. We are committed to investing in innovative solutions to improve the quality of life for everyone in our city,” said Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie.

The Deputy Mayor said traffic congestion is a result of a thriving city that draws people to live, work and play downtown as well as investments in commercial, residential and traffic infrastructure leading to construction-related delays.

More information is available on the City’s Traffic Agents webpage at www.toronto.ca/TrafficAgents.

Traffic Management Director Roger Browne said the program is one of the many tactics included in MoveTO, an action plan that aims to help manage congestion and build a more resilient, modern and safe transportation system.


Police officer and another person speak to group of Traffic Agents
Deputy Chief Laurent Pogue, Deputy Mayor Jennifer McKelvie and Transportation Director Roger Browne speak to Traffic Agents Photo: Kevin Masterman


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