Proactive Search For Suspects Leads to Guns

11 Division
A coordinated team effort led by 11 Division members, in partnership with members from 12 Division, and the Public Safety Response Team (PSRT) led to the arrest of a suspect in a shooting and the seizure of two firearms.

On May 19 just after 7 p.m. officers responded to multiple calls for shots fired into a building at 34 Pelham Ave.

11 Division Major Crime Unit members spotted a silver sedan near the shooting scene that was reported to be directly involved with the gunfire. The suspect vehicle was followed to the area of Weston Rd. and Humber Blvd. with the support of 12 Division and PSRT officers.

The vehicle eventually collided with a gas line on Spears Rd., rendering it inoperable.

Three occupants immediately fled from the vehicle on foot. One of the suspects lost a firearm from his waistband as he was attempting to scale a fence. He was subsequently apprehended without incident by 11 Division members – among the additional officers deployed that night to combat gun violence.

Another loaded firearm with an extended magazine was recovered from the suspect vehicle.

There was an incident of gunshots fired into the same location, only two nights previous to this incident. Callers reported seeing the same suspect vehicle on that night as well.

“Officers responded quickly on both nights,” said Sgt. Kathy McMahon, who was supervising in 11 Division. “On this most recent incident, they were on the scene within two minutes. The callback officers located the suspects’ vehicle. They strategically followed it, based on information provided. All officers involved, coordinated their positions and response based on good communication with one another. A brief pursuit was initiated and the three suspects fled on foot.”

Police Dog Services was also involved in the search for suspects.

Inspector Joyce Schertzer said teamwork and preparedness was critical to the arrest and guns seizure.

“While two suspects remain outstanding, the investigative team is confident that the shooter was apprehended,” she said. “I attended the station after the event to congratulate them on a job well done. The involved officers reported that once they heard the radio call, they tried to anticipate where the vehicle would go. They all thought strategically and it paid off. I am so grateful for the excellent scene and response supervision displayed by Sgt. Kathy McMahon, Sgt. Chad Nickels, 11 MCU and their teams. It was due to their collective efforts, that a dangerous offender was apprehended and two weapons seized. They enhanced community safety exponentially.”

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