Project Brazen 2 announcement

Chief Bill Blair announced further information and a charge stemming from Project Brazen 2.

Toronto Police have recovered a digital video file in which Mayor Rob Ford appears and have charged Alexander Lisi with extortion as part of the investigation.

At a news conference at police headquarters on Oct. 31, Chief Bill Blair said significant evidence was seized during the year-long Project Traveller, primarily involving a criminal gang in the city’s west end, that led to 43 arrests, netted millions of dollars’ worth of drugs and resulted in substantial gun and cash seizures.

That project ended on June 13.

“There were indications during the course of that investigation of other criminal activity, not encompassed within the original Project Traveller mandate and, as a consequence, I directed that an investigation be conducted into information that we had received with respect to certain criminal behaviour to ensure that we left no stone unturned and that we did our job,” Blair said.

That investigation led to two arrests and drug-related charges.

“On Oct. 29, we received information that, in the examination of a hard drive that was seized on June 13, they were able to identify a number of files that had been deleted that they were able to recover. As a result, we are in possession of the recovered digital files relevant to the investigations that have been conducted.”

Blair said the files contain images that appear to be those that were previously reported in the media, with respect to events that allegedly took place at a home at Windsor Rd. in Etobicoke. As a result of the investigation and evidence gathered, Lisi was arrested and charged.

The Chief added that two of the several seized video files are relevant to the investigation.

“I will not get into what is on those videos,” Blair said.

When asked if he was shocked by the videos, he said he was “disappointed.”

“I know this is a traumatic issue for the citizens of this city and the reputation of this city,” added Blair.

“It concerns me.”

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