Push for Literacy

11 Division
22 Division
On Saturday, June 16, 2018, District Superintendent Heinz Kuck, from 11/22 Divisions, will push, and alternatively pull, a weighted steel sled commonly referred to as a “prowler” for three kilometers.

“Push for Literacy” is the second fundraising event hosted by Dovercourt Boys and Girls Club in partnership with the Toronto Police Service. The event is a fundraiser for the refurbishment of the club's book collection and literacy program.

The first event, in 2016, “Push for Hope,” focused on the club’s Music Makers program.

“When we teach a child to play a musical instrument, we teach them to invest in themselves, to practice discipline and clarity of mind,” said Davenport Boys and Girls Club executive director Dr. Sheldon Taylor, who thanked Kuck for his outstanding contribution to the club. “When we teach a child to play a song, we teach them to express themselves and affirm to them that they are heard. When we give a child the opportunity to perform in front of others, we show them that their message matters and that others will listen. In doing so, we teach them the basics of leadership.”

For this year’s event, Kuck will start pushing the sled with 100 lbs., starting from 11 Division (2054 Davenport Rd), and end with 400 lbs in front of the Dovercourt Boys & Girls Club at 180 Westmoreland Ave.

“At every 0.5 kilometre increment, I will stop and youth from the club will then speak on hardships in life, struggles they face, the dangers of crime and, symbolically from those experiences, I will add weight to the sled,” he said. “I want to show how this sheer weight and pressure relates to our society where conditions shape the life of a child.

“While what I am doing is physically demanding, I wanted to make it clear that it does not even compare to the issues of peer pressure, substance abuse, crime, bullying, and poverty that our youth are subjected to daily…”Push for Literacy” aims to show community and club members the vital importance of reading and writing. Books broaden andstrengthen the mind of a child, like nothing else can.

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All proceeds go directly to the literacy program and donors will receive a charitable donation tax receipt.
Man in a blue sports outfit pushing a red metal sled loaded with weights
District Superintendent Heinz Kuck pushing a steel sled Photo: Toronto Police Service

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