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By Ron Fanfair

Ron Fanfair


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Two serving Toronto Police Service members were presented Quilts of Valour for their military service overseas at a simple ceremony at police headquarters on July 25.

Constable Darryl Guy, who joined the Service 16 years ago and has been an Emergency Task Force (ETF) member the last two years, and Michael Snea of Public Safety & Emergency Management graciously accepted the handmade quilts.

Starting his military career with the Infantry in 2001, Guy served in Afghanistan during 2004-5.

“This honour is very significant,” he said.

Snea was in Bosnia in 1998 at the same time with his wife, Katherine Snea, who is a Warrant Officer with the Canadian Armed Forces. They met before the overseas assignment and were married after their return.

Chief James Ramer joined Chief Administrative Officer Tony Veneziano, Staff Superintendent Lauren Pogue and Dana Gidlow of the Toronto Police Military Veterans Association in making the presentation.

“We have had a long connection with the military and a number of our members have participated in military operations,” he said.

Staff Sergeant Jarod Babineau of the Emergency Management & Public Order (EMPO) Unit nominated Guy and Snea.

He worked with Snea at EMPO and with Guy at the Public Safety Response Team.

“I thought it was important that they be recognized not just for their time with Toronto Police Service, but their service to Canada,” said Babineau who joined TPS 27 years ago. “It is exceptionally important to honour veterans and the sacrifices they made in providing the freedoms we enjoy today.”

While speaking to his son Jarod Babineau, retired Regimental Quartermaster Mike Babineau learnt that Snea’s wife served overseas and he nominated her.

The Quilts of Valour recognition started after Edmonton quilter Lezley Zwaal presented quilts in 2006 to three Canadian Forces members who were recovering in hospital from injuries they received in Afghanistan.

Established as a national charity in 2009, the Quilts of Valour- Canada Society has presented quilts to thousands of recipients who are coping with visible and invisible injuries.

These quilts are made by volunteer quilters from across the country, wishing to show appreciation to injured Canadian Armed Forces members, past and present, for their bravery and commitment to Canada and its citizens.

“The mandate was to present 20,000 quilts by the year 2020, but we could not make it because of Covid,” said Mike Babineau. “Right now, we are at 19,029 with the presentation of these three quilts today.”

To be eligible for a quilt, veterans who served overseas must be nominated.

To learn more about Quilts of Valour, visit their website at www.quiltsofvalour.ca.

Group of men and women are standing inside a hallway, out of which two men and one woman have quilts over their shoulders
Mike Babineau (l), Dana Gidlow, Staff Superintendent Lauen Pogue and Chief Administrative Officer Tony Veneziano joined Chief James Ramer in presenting Quilts of Valour to ETF officer Darryl Guy and husband wife Mike and Katherine Snea Photo: Brent Smyth

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