Remembering Sacrifice

By Kevin Masterman
Kevin Masterman

Kevin Masterman

Media & Communications Coordinator

Office of the Chief

Thousands of police service members joined in the 25th Ontario Police Memorial Ceremony of Remembrance honouring the 281 police officers etched on the wall at Queen’s Park on May 5.

The names of two Ontario Provincial Police officers who died in the line of duty in 2023 were added to the granite wall.

  • Sergeant Eric Mueller, of Russell County detachment, died on May 11, 2023.
    The 20-year veteran is remembered as a kind and compassionate member of his community and loving husband and father of two.
  • Detective Constable Steven Tourangeau, died May 29, 2023.
    He is remembered for his cheerful disposition and as a team player at work and on the ice and as a dedicated husband and father of three boys.

Two other historical names were added.

  • Chief Constable Edward Lavery of the Prescott Police – who died after a vehicle pursuit in 1928.
  • Detective Sergeant Thomas A. White of the Metro Toronto  – who died after complications from injuries after chasing suspects in 1938

Ontario Police Memorial Foundation President and Toronto Police Association Director Jason Tomlinson spoke to the families gathered to remember their loved ones

“Time can neither diminish the sorrow or fill the void left by the passing of your loved ones. It is with grace that you carry the burden of their sacrifice,” Tomlinson said. “Our greatest responsibility is to stand with you here together and forever to remember our heroes in life.”


Police officers holding wreaths


Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Edit Dumont thanked police officers for their courage, care and resilience on behalf of all Ontarians.

Premier Doug Ford said we honour the sacrifice of officers and offer sympathies their families.

“It’s a time to acknowledge the imaginable loss and the costs that officers and their families can be called upon to pay while keeping our communities safe,” Ford said. “Each spring I stand here at this monument and I pray that not one more name is added to this memorial. I pray that each one of our Ontario’s finest gets home safely at the end of their shifts.”


Uniform officer saluting


Solicitor General Michael Kerzner said we remember tragedy but also lives lived with great purpose and achievement.

“Eric and Steven knew that their duty and their careers were inseparable from risk and they accepted this. They did so willingly and passionately in the cause of our inherent right to live safely in our own homes and communities,” Kerzner said. “Your loved ones were the best among us.”


Line of police motorcycles


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