Report Parking Complaints Online

Parking Enforcement
The public will be able to make parking complaints online starting today.

The system will allow complaints for:

  • Abandoned Automobile
  • Accessible Parking Complaint
  • Driveway Obstructed
  • Fire Route Obstructed
  • Lane Obstructed
  • No Parking Zone
  • Parking During Prohibited Time
  • Private Property Parking

Report a Parking Complaint Online

Over 158,000 parking complaint calls were made to the Toronto Police in 2017 leaving many people on hold trying to make a complaint and tying up phone lines for other crime reports.

“It’s another opportunity to free up our phone lines to deal with emergency calls,” Chief Mark Saunders says. “This is part and parcel of our modernization efforts to be where the public needs us most.”

Chief Saunders says the new process will be more convenient for the public and more efficient for the Service.

The non-emergency 416-808-2222 line will still be available for those who do not wish to report online.

The public can create reports online for:

  • Damage to Property (under $5,000)
  • Damage to Vehicle (under $5,000)
  • Theft from Vehicle (under $5,000)
  • Driving Complaint
  • Local Neighbourhood Traffic Issue or Concern
  • Fraud Under $5,000
  • Graffiti
  • Theft of Gas (from a gas station)
  • Supplemental Report

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