Rolling Raises Funds for Sick Kids

Toronto Police College

Funds raised from the Toronto Police College’s first community Jiujitsu roll-a-thon were presented to Sick Kids Hospital on March 15.

Nearly 150 police personnel and members of Jujitsu clubs in the Greater Toronto Area took part in the fundraiser at the police college. Rolling refers to the movement in the martial art.

A total of $3,300 was raised during the one-day event on March 4.

Constable Matthew Stuart and members of his team made the presentation to Kara Chatfield, the hospital’s community events co-ordinator.

“The money will support the highest priority needs of the hospital,” said Chatfield. “It gives us the most flexibility in terms of funding people, programs, equipment and physical infrastructure.”

“We chose Sick Kids as a beneficiary because of the great work they are doing with young people,” said Stuart, who is a mental health & communication lead. “We have many officers whose children have used or are currently using the hospital services.”

Stuart said the event will be held annually.

“Our first one provided an opportunity for members from different clubs to come and really enjoy training with other members of the Jujitsu community,” he added. “It was meant to be friendly and also raise money.”

Sgt. Joe Digiovanni has been practicing the martial art for nearly two decades.

“It was a great family affair and everyone had a good time,” he said.

A group of poeple with a large cheque
Service members who took part in a jiujitsu fundraiser presented $3,300 to the Sick Kids Foundation Photo: Ron Fanfair

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