Rovers Give Back to Community

22 Division
A new group of young people dedicated to improving their community were welcomed in to the Toronto Police 22 Division Rover Crew at an investiture ceremony February 25.

The Humber College Police Foundations students joined the Scouts Canada crew to get a closer look at policing while volunteering with their community. The 43 new members, bring the crew to 95 members, who have served over 3,200 of volunteer hours over the last six months.

Deputy Chief James Ramer said seeing a group of young people give back over and above school, family and work obligations is an exceptional example of service over others.

“Believe in yourself and others no matter what obstacles you face. Remain steadfast that you can positively impact people’s lives. I encourage you to stay the course, continue to learn as much as you can, fully participate and continue to collaborate with all stakeholders to ensure the empowerment of your community,” Ramer said.

Supt. Neil Corrigan, who oversees 11 & 22 Divisions, said policing is founded on the principle of public support and participation.

“Tonight we’re here to recognize one of the most important partners we have: youth in our community. I’d like to acknowledge you, the young adults, for seeing the importance of volunteerism and committing yourself to working with the Toronto Police Service. Each of you should be proud of yourself for having the conviction of character to give freely of your time in the service of others,” he said.

A line of Rover Crew members
Rovers volunteer their time to Toronto Police and community events Photo: Kevin Masterman
A man in police uniform shakes hands with a man in Rover uniform
Deputy Chief James Ramer congratulates a Rover after delivering their neckerchief Photo: Kevin Masterman

Humber College School of Social and Community Services Associate Dean Joanna Amirault encouraged the new Rovers to listen to each other and their new mentors.

“You’ll be creating an environment where you can have positive collaboration,” she said, noting it will be useful in the careers they pursue.

Scouts Canada Council Youth Commissioner for Greater Toronto, Kaelem Moniz, said Scouting has led to many amazing experiences.

“You will have the opportunity to impact your larger world in a positive way. As you grow, your community will grow with you,” Moniz said. “Your contribution with an act of kindness has a magical and exponential value of the collective community of 58 million Scouting members working collectively to better the world.”

22 Division Toronto Police Service Rover Crew Co-Chairs Eliana Petralito and Osvaldo Roque said the Rovers all share the aim to pursue a career in law enforcement.

A woman holding up her hand along with others
New Rovers give Scouts salute and recite oath before being invested Photo: Kevin Masterman
A group of people in Rover uniform at attention
The newest 22 Division Rover Crew members Photo: Kevin Masterman

At least 85 Rovers are now serving as Police, Corrections, Courts, Bylaw and Parking Officers and other Special Constable roles. Rover Emily Stork-Benes is now in training at the Ontario Police College to become a Toronto Police constable.

Founding Rover Crew member Constable Scott Walker recognized two Rovers, Rui Ferraz and Ekacerina Lachilova, with awards for their passion for volunteering and demonstrating a positive attitude

Ferraz, a returning Rover member, aspires to be a police officer.

“I feel volunteering in the community is a great step towards that dream. I’m someone who always steps forward when someone needs help and I think policing is a perfect way to do that,” said Ferraz, who notes his brother is a paramedic.

A woman in Rover uniform walks as people clap
Ekacerina Lachilova accepts her award for volunteering Photo: Kevin Masterman

First year Police Foundations student and new Rover Ekacerina Lachilova is enjoying school as well as the volunteer opportunity.

“It makes me feel great. I love the Rover crew,” said Lachilova, who has already participated in lockdown training, parades a local charity dinner. “It was a great event. There was a lot of people from different backgrounds alongside police officers. It felt like a big community.”

A group of people in police and Rover uniform
Police management and mentors with the 22 Division Rover Crew members Photo: Kevin Masterman

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