Rush-Hour-Route Blitz Continues

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Traffic Services and Parking Enforcement continued with their efforts to enforce rush-hour-route regulations on Tuesday, towing 81 vehicles and issuing 487 parking tags for parking violations.

This brought the two-day total to 157 vehicles towed and over 1,000 tags issued.

The strict policy comes in after Mayor Tory’s six-point plan to tackle gridlock in the city and make commuting time easier for Torontonians.

On Tuesday afternoon, officers and Parking Enforcement were out, towing away those parked in lunchtime rush-hour routes. Lunch time rush-hour routes are in the heart of the downtown core, spanning only a five-block radius, from York to Victoria, running from 11:30 am to 1:30 p.m.

As officers noticed, a majority of the vehicles were delivery and courier trucks.

Constable Clint Stibbe cautioned drivers to read parking signs carefully, since there are different rules all over the city. He said it would save the driver money to read and follow instructions as the cost of towing a large vehicle, storing it and then releasing it can cost up to a thousand dollars.

“We need everybody, as road-users, to do their part to ensure they’re parking properly, not affecting rush hour and that they’re not costing themselves money,” Stibbe said.

A man in TPS uniform reaches over a car hood and looks in the windshield
Constable Clint Stibbe inspects a permit of a vehicle parked in a rush hour route Photo: Sara Faruqi

Traffic Services officers spent most of December warning motorists of the enforcement campaign, including a public services announcement campaign You Know You Shouldn't... So Don't.

What to do if your vehicle is towed

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