Sending In Cavalry for Men's Health

A Toronto Police equine member is the mascot for this year’s Movember campaign to raise awareness and money for men’s health by growing moustaches over the month of November.

Draper, a three-year-old Clydesdale who weighs over 1,700 pounds, is putting his heft behind the campaign as he has a remarkable moustache himself.

“We have had a few horses come into the barn with moustaches,” said Sgt. Kris McCarthy, who has been in the Mounted Unit for 21 of his 25 years on the job. “It is not as uncommon as you may think. However, this is probably the longest and fullest moustache I have seen on a horse and I thought Draper would be the perfect spokesperson for our Movember campaign.”

Detective Sergeant Scott Bradbury, of the Toronto Police College, has led the Toronto Police Follicle Force team for the last nine years.

“I have been looking for an opportunity to hand the reins over to someone else, and, who is better than Draper, the horse with a moustache,” he said.

Follicle Force has been one of the most successful police teams globally raising over $300,000 through sponsorships of their staches.

Bradbury joined the Movember campaign several years ago after his father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Movember support a variety of men’s health causes from prostate and testicular cancer to mental health.

Bradbury said the Movember conversations more often are about mental health.

“As a police officer, we face trauma every day. We have lost lives on our job and we have had loved ones who have dealt with some mental health issues. To me, that’s really the driving force. With Draper being a part of that, there’s a lot of healing in animals and it’s a great nexus between the two worlds.”

Shane DeMerchant, Movember Canada’s Community Development Officer, thanked Toronto Police for its incredible support over the years.

“In a Movember world where obviously where the focus is on stopping men from dying young and changing the face of men’s health in Canada, we focus our efforts on prostate and testicular cancer, men’s mental health and suicide prevention,” he said. “The efforts of Toronto Police team this month will go a long way to support the men in our lives.”

Visit to learn more or donate to Team Follicle Force here.

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