Serving Up Kindness

By Brent Smyth

Brent Smyth


Communities & Neighbourhoods Command
Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit

For the third consecutive year, the Toronto Police worked with Humaniti to mark World Kindness Day. 

The non-profit organization received nearly 3,000 meals from three restaurant partners, with the intention of spreading kindness to those facing food insecurities.

“If we’re going to have strong, vibrant communities, every stakeholder must be at the table and we found the Toronto Police Service to be very engaged,” Humaniti’s executive director Firaaz Azeez said. “And I know we can rely on them to help us.”


Police officers load a car with bags
Two 51 Division Officers load their vehicle with hot meals Photo: Brent Smyth


This sentiment led to Neighbourhood Community Officers (NCOs) working with Humaniti to identify people in the areas they police that could benefit from a hot meal delivered to their door.

Deputy Chief Rob Johnson commended TPS members for their role in connecting with their communities.

“It’s important to show the community that our officers do so much more than enforcement. Our officers care, they’re in the community, they’re part of the community and they know where people need help."

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