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Court Officer Anthony Tersigni knows the importance of taking your health seriously.

He was diagnosed with prostate cancer three years ago and underwent surgery as well as 33 sessions of radiation to combat the deadly disease.

“For me it is a very personal, ambitious and heartwarming discussion to have with people because of my personal experiences,” said Tersigni, who has grow a moustache and raised money for the last six years as part of Movember. “The message is to take care of your health, bring health to the forefront, to talk about health to your peers and to make that doctor’s appointment.”

Movember occurs during the month of November and is meant to start a global discussion on men’s health and help raise funds for research and programs on prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health and physical activity for men.

Last year Canadians raised over $24 million for the cause. The TPS alone, in the last two years, has had over 600 members participate and raised over $190,000.

2015 will be the sixth year Court Services participates in Movember to kick-start a discussion on men’s health.

“Growing a moustache isn’t difficult or something that takes any time out of your day and is something that gets the conversation going,” said Court Officer David Mackrell, on why he is participating. “The moustache helps spread awareness on men’s health because it gives us a talking point… this is something that we can all gather behind and we can all do.”

Tersigni said seeing Service members in uniform with the moustaches in Movember may spark unexpected conversations.

“It brings humility to the forefront to show the public that we are human and fighting for the common goal that they may be fighting for,” said Tersigni.

Court Officer Josh Wilson points out that moustaches in 2015 aren’t the norm anymore and Movember has helped bring the ‘stache back.

‘Men’s health issues isn’t a conversation we tend to have, men tend to shy away from anything that could perceive them as being weak. So this fundraiser is hugely successful in bringing those issues to the forefront,” adds Wilson, who shaved his beard and moustache on November 1.

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