Stats Report Released as Open Data & Analytics

The Service is releasing the 2019 Annual Statistical Report (ASR) as downloadable open data and interactive open analytics.

The Service is releasing the 2019 Annual Statistical Report (ASR) as downloadable open data and interactive open analytics.

“Open data is defined as structured data that is machine-readable, freely shared, used and built on without restrictions.”

The Annual Statistical Report provides a comprehensive overview of police related statistics including reported crimes, victims of crime, search of persons, firearms, traffic collisions, personnel, budget, communications, public complaints, regulated interactions and other administrative information.

The report has previously only been available in .pdf format and is now accessible and interactive in support of greater use and public understanding of public safety information in Toronto.

In support of recommendations to make public safety data more transparent and accessible, the Analytics & Innovation Unit has just released the 2019 Annual Statistical Report (ASR) as a series of open data and open analytical products.

“The information is much more accessible in this format and we’ve added a lot of screen reader capabilities to assist more users” said Marianna Pellizari, Sr. Open Data Specialist.

The Analytics and Innovation Unit recently developed an innovative concept for the delivery of the Service’s annual statistics. The open data and open analytics release of the ASR consists of several components designed to meet the standards of open data provision and increase open data literacy through interactive analytical tools and supporting documentation.

The ASR components include:

1. Guide to the ASR

2. Portable Document File (PDF)

3. Open Datasets

4. Data Analytics

5. ASR Maps

6. Infographics

7. Supporting Documentation

For more detailed information about each of the ASR components,download the ASR Open Data Documentation.

The Analytics & Innovation Unit will continue to support the continuous improvement of the Service’s open data program. Due privacy, sensitivity of information and confidentially restrictions certain information has been aggregated to the Police Division level. The release of more granular and detailed information will be considered in future releases of the ASR.

“This is an important step for us to support community engagement through the use of open analytics. Going forward, we would like to build more community input into the development of the analytical products” said Ian Williams, Manager of the Analytics & Innovation Unit.

The open data release of the ASR provides support for public understanding of public safety data and is an example of the Service’s commitment to increased openness, transparency and accountability.

The Analytics & Innovation Unit supports data-driven decisions and awareness of public safety issues in Toronto. The Unit delivers important operational public safety supports through Crime Analysis in tactical, strategic and administrative processes. Increasingly, Open Data and Open Analytics are used to support this work. Visit thePublic Safety Data Portal for more information.

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