Students Certified In CPR

42 Division
High school students got the chance to learn a valuable skill for life and future employment thanks to a police partnership.

Standard first aid, along with CPR & AED training offered by St. John Ambulance over two days, costs $160.

A total of 46 high school students in the Malvern community received the training free through a three-day weekend initiative coordinated by TPS 42 Division Malvern neighbourhood officers and community partners.

The successful Grade 9-12 students graduated with first aid certificates.

“This is so cool,” said Lester B. Pearson Grade 12 student Aiman Shah, who was introduced to the program by her School Resource Officer, Constable Melinda Mantle. “I am so glad I attended because I know now how to help people in distress.”

Blessed Mother Teresa Catholic Secondary School Grade 11 student Onika Williams agreed.

“I found out about this program through a friend and I learned a lot this weekend,” she said.

The young people were also exposed to resume-writing training on the first day of the three-day weekend program.

“It was a great opportunity to learn how to construct a resume and I have already sent out a few,” said Shah. “We learned a lot and we want to thank the police for the role they played in this.”

Constables Devon Martin and Kathleen Petersen, of 42 Division Foot Patrol, coordinated the program.

“The young people were very engaged and they asked a lot of questions,” Martin said. “With summer around the corner, this is the time for them to brush up on their resumes and get them out there.”

Some students found out about the program through the Success Power Opportunity Teamwork (S.P.O.T) youth-led initiative based in the Malvern library, where the training was conducted.

“We are always looking for opportunities for the young people in this community,” said Andra Wisdom, a Community Safety & Youth Justice Coordinator at Malvern Neighbourhood Action Partnership. “The skills that they gained are very useful and will help them as they proceed in life.”

Staff Sergeant David Rydzik said his Division is always looking for ways to help young people in the community.

“With the highest concentration of young people in Canada, it’s important to continue promoting and offering these opportunities to help guide and create positive and productive young teens and adults,” said Rydzik.

The S.P.O.T and St. John’s Ambulance offered their facility and services free of charge.

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