Students Promote Racial Equality in Posters

32 Division

Students were once again engaged to fight racism through art by their local Division.

The 32 Division art contest invited all Grade 8 students in their area to answer two questions: “What does Racial Discriminationmean to you?" and “How can we eliminate it?" through a poster design.

The contest is part of recognizing International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination on March 21.

Students were not asked to write an essay, but instead to put their thoughts and vision in a message that would promote racial harmony, and to do this in the form of art, specifically art posters, whether they be drawings, paintings or cyber art.

This year from over 75 submissions, the ten best pieces of art were selected by judging panels, including a tie for the first three positions.

Chief Mark Saunders was also invited to judge and he remarked “lately I’ve had to make several difficult decisions and this is one of the most difficult.”

School Liaison Officer coordinator Constable Shari Spivak spoke at a North York Community Council meeting to honour the students.

“I hope you never lose the impulse to participate in community programs and events like this one, which strive to bring about awareness and acceptance of all people and make our communities a better place by valuing diversity. As police officers we abide with our Service Core Values, which promotes heightened awareness of racial equality and diversity. We are all the same, we are all equal,” Spivak said.

Congratulations to each of you and I wish you the best of luck in your bright futures!

Students were awarded prizes from $75 to $350.

A man and woman in TPS uniform with others
32 Division Superintendent Sam Fernandes and Constable Shari Spivak congratulate participants at North York Community Council Photo: 32 Division

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