Supplies Collected for Ukraine

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Toronto Police members have joined with fellow emergency responders to deliver essential humanitarian supplies to the Ukraine.

The Service has partnered with Toronto Fire and Toronto Paramedic Services to collect goods from their members and also source any overstocked items that may be helpful.

A round of collections was delivered to Second Front Ukraine Foundation in May that was collected through donations from members to drop boxes within their services.

“Simultaneously, we also looked internally at our corporate structures for surplus items that we could provide as a donation as part of the humanitarian relief effort,” said Deputy Chief Myron Demkiw, of the lifesaving gear that includes everything from clothing to medical supplies.

Demkiw said the collection effort is ongoing and has come out of a great willingness to help by Service members.

“We have taken a look at the list of things we have collected and making sure it is what is essentially needed,” he noted. “The membership has been incredibly engaging and looking for opportunities to contribute in a meaningful way.”

Second Front sorts and ships the supplies to Ukraine.

Toronto Police and Toronto Paramedic Services donating supplies at Second Front Ukraine
Group of uniformed people in warehouse

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