Supporting Malvern Eats

42 Division

In 2016, the Muslim Welfare Centre reached out to 42 Division to collaborate in the Malvern Eats community program.

Staff Sergeant Andy Ecklund, who was in charge of the Division’s Community Response Unit with support of Supt. Kim Yeandle who was the Unit Commander, didn’t hesitate to be part of the initiative.

On December 18, funds raised by the 42 Division social committee and the Community Policing Liaison Committee were donated at the Malvern Eats Holiday Feast.

“This money will not only pay for today’s feast, but the next lunch as well,” said A/Insp. Gerry Heaney.

Seniors in Malvern are served on Thursdays between 11.30 a.m. and 1.30 p.m. at TAIBU Health Care Community Centre, 27 Tapscott Rd.

“We rely on financial support of our community and we are always thrilled when the partners step up,” said Firaaz Azeez, the MWC special projects manager. “I have to be honest and tell you that TPS has been really kind to us.”

TAIBU, launched in 2008, and 1 Love Malvern are the other partners in the “Malvern Eats” initiative.

A group of people, some in TPS uniform
Current and former members of 42 Division joined in making a donation to the Malvern Eats program Photo: Ron Fanfair

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