Teens Kick Up Dirt With Cops

Traffic Services


For the second straight year, Traffic Services Motor Squad took 24 Toronto District Catholic School Board students on a dirt bike training expedition at Horseshoe Valley Yamaha Riding School.

Superintendent Gord Jones along with Traffic Services trainers Constables Gord Fowlds, George Carl and Alex Harley accompanied the Jean Vanier Catholic High School Grades 9-12 students.

“It was truly an amazing experience to listen to the students' positive feedback and watch the smiles on their faces grow bigger as they improved their skills,” said Fowlds. “They also developed a positive relationship with us during the day and learnt how to address new challenges in their lives.”

A man ties the chin-strap of a boy's helmet
Officers helped students suit up and take to dirt bikes Photo: Traffic Services

The students were transport to and from the riding school on a Greyhound Bus that left their school at 6:30 a.m. and returned at around 2:30 p.m.

Riding school owner Clinton Smount and his outstanding crew of trainers who provided their services free of charge.

Fowlds said the contributions of Greyhound and ProAction Cops & Kids, a charity that links children to programs with officers were also essential to make the day possible.

A group of people riding dirt bikes in an open dirt area
Students on the course at the Horseshoe Valley Yamaha Riding School Photo: Traffic Services

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