Thanksgiving Meals for Community

13 Division
31 Division

Police officers chipped in to pack and deliver hundreds of Thanksgiving meals in partnership with a local business to ensure the most vulnerable get a nice, hot meal this holiday.

Member of 13 and 31 Divisions Community Response Units got hands on at Kitchen24 to make the meals possible.

S/Sgt. John Stockfish said they have been teaming up with Kitchen24 to get meals to people in the past.

"Our Neighbourhood Community Officers connected with the Kitchen24 owner. We have already pre-arranged with families in 31 and 31 Divisions in terms of who are getting the meals."

Kitchen24 is an organization that focuses on providing a community space for people within the Greater Toronto Area to learn about food and foster food businesses.

Owner Steve Kidron thanked Toronto Police for connecting people in need with the meals.

“The members of 13 Division have been picking up meals every week and dropping them off in different sections of the city,” he said. “Since the pandemic started, we have provided over 300,000 meals to community members,” he said. “Every week, we do 3,500 meals.”

A group of officers packing meals into containers
Officers pack up meals for community over Thanksgiving at Kitchen24 Photo: Ron Fanfair

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