TPAAA Hosts Playground Games

By Brent Smyth

Brent Smyth


55 Division

On a bright and sunny July 14th morning, over 90 children at the Eastview Community Centre were able to participate in the 75th year of the TPAAA Playground Games.

The event, being held for the first time in a fuller capacity since 2019, sees local kids taught a variety of different sports from members of the TPAAA.

Child waves into camera
6-year-old Nadia waves into the camera during the opening ceremonies of the TPAAA Playground Games Photo: Brent Smyth

Muhammad Abbas, a 13 Division Detective Constable and cricketeer who represents the Toronto Police as well as Canadian Police Services internationally, recognizes the importance of events such as the playground games in building positive relationships.

“We want to engage them, and be connected with them so we can make sure they understand that we are there for them, and through participating in sports there will be a comfort and educational set up so that way they can feel easy to just come straight to us if there is any issue in the future.”

Along with sports such as cricket, lacrosse, soccer and basketball, members of different specialized units within the service were present to give members of the community a behind-the-scenes look at what goes on within the service.

From climbing in an ETF truck, petting the horses and interacting with police dogs, there was no shortage of entertainment to go around.

A child shoots a ball into a hoop
23 Division Detective Constable Abdi-Karim Isse teaches shooting a basketball to a group of children Photo: Brent Smyth

Boys and Girls Clubs Eastview Program Coordinator Laurette Jack, who helped organize the day’s events, sat with a smile watching the day unfold, and realized the long-term impact an event like the playground games could have.   

“Seeing the kids connecting and the youth connecting with the Police Association and the Toronto Police, while building healthy views of the police, and healthy activities and lifestyles is really special. Communities like this, the connections with the police aren’t always positive, so its nice to have this positive relationship”

The next TPAAA event is the Police Games on September 10th at the Toronto Pam Am Centre. For any inquiries, contact Nicole Arokium [email protected]


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