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Superintendent Heinz Kuck is embarking on a new outdoor adventure to raise funds for Victims Services Toronto (VST).
Over the past two years, he and Toronto Police and VST colleagues paddled the 56-kilometer journey from Niagara-on-the-Lake to Lakeshore Promenade in Mississauga twice, raising $35,000 for VST, which provides crisis response, trauma and support services to victims of crime and sudden tragic circumstances 24 hours a day.

Now, Kuck – who has been with the Service for 35 years – is pursuing a dogsled trek with experienced guide Jamie Sands of Chocpaw Expeditions.

“I thought the time had come to change gears from a summer fundraiser to doing something in the winter that would revolve around our heritage and culture in Canada,” Kuck said. “After looking at hockey and skiing, I realized that dogsledding provides a very close link to our heritage.”

Kuck has spent several days with Sands on dogsleds preparing for the four-day expedition from February 10-13. He has also braved cold temperatures on snowshoe treks to prepare for the conditions.

“That helped me to become acquainted with the dogs and their commands,” he said. With two sleds and 13 dogs, Kuck and Sands will cover 100 kilometres in Algonquin Park’s frozen wilderness. “We will plan, pack, map and mush for three nights and four days to empathize as best we can the hardships and struggles experienced by victims of crime and as well to showcase their resilience and courage through our own,” Kuck said.

“Jamie and I will stretch the limits of endurance and stamina, brave the wind and weather, hoping to conclude our expedition on time, on distance and returning safe and sound.” Sands, who has a degree in environment and resource studies from the University of Waterloo, is delighted to be teaming up with Kuck for a worthy cause.

“It’s an excellent opportunity to be able to work alongside Heinz Kuck and be able to contribute to the work of an outstanding agency such as Victim Services,” he said. “The agency works hard to offer help to those who have been victims of crime and sudden tragedy and I am very much looking forward to pushing myself and Heinz on this adventure in honour of the those working or volunteering with or receiving aid from Victims Services Toronto.”

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A group of dogs in foreground with a person standing and another sitting in a dogsled in background
Dogs at the ready Photo: District Superintendent Heinz Kuck

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