Video: Stay Clear of Hazards on the Water



Knowing your water goes a long way in helping boaters stay safe.

“An open body of water may seem inviting, but remember there are no clearly marked traffic lanes on the water, which can be difficult to navigate,” said Const. Kevin Lee of the Toronto Police Marine Unit. “Have nautical charts, either paper or digital, as they have information on them to that show depth, marker buoys and lights as well as known hazards in the area.”

He also reminded boaters in the Toronto Harbour to steer clear of docked or in-transit ferries.

“They have specific lanes they operate in and they are too big to stop and change direction quickly,” Lee noted. “The Port of Toronto is also home to the Island Airport and you should keep clear of this area.”

Boaters that enter marked areas near the airport can be subjected to federal fines of up to $10,000.

Lee said the onus is on boaters to operate their vessels in a safe and responsible way.

“Adhere to local speed limits and be courteous to other vessels,” he added.

Visit theTransport Canada Boating Safety website for more information.

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