Women Leading Digital Tech Transformation

The Toronto Police Service is spearheading a new public safety Digital Tech Transformation project named the Analytics Centre of Excellence (ANCOE).

it is being led by five of most innovative women in the Service: Deputy Shawna Coxon, S/Supt. Kim Yeandle, Marva Carter, Meghan Fotak and Lauren Da Silva.

“The ANCOE team will be utilizing agile project methodology, which empowers the team to deliver useful, new analytics products such as maps, dashboards and apps to our Service members quickly and often,” says Project Leader Marva Carter. “This is a new approach for TPS. We are building off proven successes in the Analytics & Innovation Unit, who has already been leveraging this iterative approach for their products.” Core to agile methodology are the behaviours of trust, flexibility, empowerment and collaboration, which align well with the core values of the Service. The latest project delivered using this development was the Bail Compliance Dashboard, which helps officers ensure people are complying with their bail conditions.

As a Command Sponsor, Deputy Coxon sets the overall vision.

“Our ability to use robust analytics to support decisions is now core to policing. This program will establish TPS as best-in-class,” Deputy Coxon said. Within the next year, the team will establish this world-class Analytics Centre of Excellence to make relevant information easily accessible to members throughout the organization and publicly.

Each leader brings a wealth of experience in digital technology transformation projects. Deputy Coxon led Project Reboot, implemented the Computer Cyber Crime Unit (C3), and was the Information Technology lead for the Transformational Task Force (TTF). S/Supt. Yeandle led the Service’s records management transformation. Marva Carter has led technology projects for over 20 years at TPS including Pushpin and the United Commander Morning Report. Meghan Fotak, the Services’ Data Science Lead, is coordinating better use of data for the Service and their partners. Newly promoted to Senior Analyst, Lauren Da Silva has been a driver of analytics and reporting to decision makers for over five years.

“Information management is critical today for every organization. We have a great team in place here to support public safety by enhancing everyone’s use of analytics to make informed decisions” said Ian Williams, Manager of Analytics & Innovation. Ian is the business owner of the products and services delivered by this team.

Project ANCOE is the most recent example of how Analytics & Innovation is delivering on the TTF’s Recommendations #2: the enhanced use of data, analytics and information management, and #17: providing more accessible and transparent information and services.

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