Youth Advocate Wins Citizen Award

By Ron Fanfair

Ron Fanfair


Toronto Police Services Board

A Toronto Police Services Board (TPSB) Senior Advisor was named a Brampton Citizen of the Year.

Danielle Dowdy was bestowed with the honour, in the adult category, on May 25 at the Rose Theatre. This award recognizes local residents who build communities and show what can be achieved with passion and determination and presented in youth, adult and senior citizen categories.

Brampton has been her home since 2009.

“Choosing Brampton was not just a choice,” the married mother of two children said. “It was a personal and family commitment to a city that we chose to make our home. I have invested in this city through my advocacy work to politically mobilize communities and fight for justice in education while being an active member of my kids’ and nephew’s school communities. I have played my part as a very engaged resident.”

Dowdy has a passion for working with young people.

She was the Toronto Police Service’s first Youth in Policing Initiative (YIPI) Program Coordinator

“My passion for this work is not just for the brilliant and beautiful children that we are raising, but my nieces, nephews and countless other children who should have access to opportunities and supports to live their dreams,” said Dowdy, who led the coordinated the YIPI program for 10 years until 2016.

As a Strategic Policy & Stakeholder Relations Senior Advisor since January 2019, she provides support and strategic advisement to TPSB Executive Director and Chief of Staff Ryan Teschner, Chair Jim Hart and Board members in the research and development of policies, reports, initiatives, and strategies that enable the Board’s thought-leadership and position as a leader among law enforcement, oversight and governance bodies.

“Those who Danielle has impacted through her passion for centering community voices are so fortunate - because their lives are better for it,” said Teschner.

Named one of Brampton’s Top 40 Under 40 citizens in 2018, Dowdy was a TPS Community Safety Command Analyst for just over four years before being seconded in June 2016 to serve as Senior Strategic Initiatives Lead to the Honourable Justice Michael Tulloch on the Independent Police Oversight Review and the Independent Street Checks Review. She has also served as Business Intelligence Analyst before joining the TPSB.

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