Robbery Prevention

Robbery Is A Crime That Targets People & Businesses

Reduce the risk of personal injury and increase the potential of bringing the culprit(s) to justice by ensuring that you and your sta are regularly trained in robbery prevention and survival techniques.

Robbery Prevention Starts With You

Robbery Prevention Basics

Greet customers as they enter the store - try to make eye contact.


  • Ensure that windows are not covered over by signs or merchandise - this can attract thieves

  • Locate the store cash register so as to allow a clear view for pedestrians, passing motorists and Police patrols. It will also allow you to monitor any suspicious activity or note a direction of travel

  • Notify Police if suspicious people hang around your business. Be especially alert at opening and closing times


  • Make sure that the front, rear and interior of your premises is well illuminated, including the parking lot. Replace and/or notify your property manager in the event of a burnt out light

Money Handling

  • NEVER allow a build-up of more than y dollars in the till and do not keep large amounts of cash on the premise

  • Use a timed, drop safe or night deposit. When making night deposits have someone with you, stagger your delivery times and do NOT carry money so that it is visible to others


  • Check the captured image quality of your system. Do not over “compress” the system to save on computer hard drive space. This will compromise image quality even if the live feed is clear

  • Ensure the surveillance system captures cash register, doorways and other vital areas and is not blocked by marketing material or otherwise hampered by glare

  • Do NOT over-estimate the e ectiveness of cameras as a means of deterrence!

In The Event Of A Robbery

  • Remain calm, stay in control and obey the robber’s commands taking care to not frustrate them! Robbers are usually very tense, easily provoked and may be under the in uence of drugs or alcohol which can make them volatile

  • Try to remember as many details about the suspect’s description as possible. Look for distinguishing characteristics that make them stand out. Include height, weight, age, clothing, facial hair, tattoos, scars and any noticeable mannerisms

  • Always assume that a weapon is real and loaded even if it’s never seen— be prepared to describe it

  • Watch the direction the robber(s) takes - if they use a vehicle, try to note a description of the vehicle along with the licence plate number

  • Think safety as people’s lives are worth more than any amount of money

After A Robbery

  • Call the Police immediately! Dial 9-1-1

  • Give your name, phone number and the address of the hold-up

  • Give a description of the suspect(s), direction of travel, and a licence number if a vehicle was used

  • Advise whether a weapon was used and if there are any injuries

  • Protect the crime scene. Keep customers or other employees away from the area of the store where the robbery occurred

  • Do NOT touch anything

  • Ask witnesses to wait until the Police arrive or get their contact information

  • Lock the door until Police arrive

  • Save any notes that were used - do NOT handle it or let others handle it

    • Male / Female:

    • Ethnicity:

    • Age:

    • Height:

    • Build:

    • Weight:

    • Clothing Description (ie: shoes, pants, shirt, jacket, hat)

    • Additional: (jewelery, tattoos, scars, complexion, deformalities)

    • Face: (ie: wrinkles, ear size, nose shape, eye size and colour, eyebrow shape)

    • Vehicle: (make, model, plate, colour, damage)

    • What was said? Was there an accent?: 

  • Co-operate with Police


To report a crime anonymously, call Crime Stoppers at: 1-800-222-8477(TIPS) or online at:

For more crime prevention tips visit:

In An Emergency: Call 9-1-1

To report a crime to the Toronto Police that is not an emergency call:


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