22 Division Rover Crew Program
22 Division Rover Crew Program *The Rover Program is restricted to Humber College Police Foundations Students.

The 22 Division Toronto Police Service Rover Crew is a joint program between the Toronto Police Service, Humber College and Scouts Canada. It was founded by Police Foundation students at the Humber College Lakeshore Campus in 2003. Rovers are the Scouting designation for young women and men, 18 to 26 years old. The program is designed to prepare young people for the future by encouraging them to give back to the community while also giving them insight to the law enforcement field. Members are all students of Humber College and are taking a program within the School of Social and Community Services (e.g. Police Foundations, Crime Scene Investigation, Private Security Investigation and Justice Studies, etc.).
For further information please contact the 22 Division Community Response Unit at 416-808-2200.
Two men in Rover uniform embrace
New Rovers celebrate their investiture Photo: Kevin Masterman

I volunteered for many years with the recruitment section of Talent Acquisition as a Rover at the practice PREP session and civilian testing events. When I was in school at Humber College, they offered a unique program where students could become TPS volunteers and were given duties, plus a uniform. The TPS Rover program got me interested in volunteering and from then on, I know I want to stay with the TPS. After working in the area of finance, I applied to the TPS as a Parking Enforcement Officer, then applied for the cadet-in-training position. I’ve been a police officer now since February 2019.

What are the duties of a Rover?

The Rover Crew commits a significant amount of time to serving the communities in which they work and live. The Crew participates in many events in 22 Division and other police divisions in Toronto. The Rover Crew is often requested to assist with functions throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

The Rover Crew is active in community events with the Toronto Police Service, Humber College and Scouts Canada. Initiatives they participate in include city parades (Toronto Santa Claus, Lake Shore Santa Claus, and St. Patrick's Day, etc.), Police Memorial Day March, MADD Canada Events, graffiti removal, Canadian Blood Services drives, Toronto Police 22 Division Open House & BBQ, city marathons and fundraising events.

The Rover Crew participate in tours of TPS units to give them insight into our specialized areas and into policing more generally. The Rover Crew has participated in tours and presentations involving the ETF (Emergency Task Force), Marine Unit, Mounted Unit, Communications, K-9 Unit, Traffic Services and the Ontario Police College, Guns and Gangs, the Drugs Squad and Use-of-Force demonstrations.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Either a current or former Humber College student (who has an interest in pursuing a career in law enforcement or related field)
  • No criminal convictions without a pardon
  • Be of good moral character and habits
  • Be between the ages of 18 and 26
  • Abide by the Rover Crew by-laws
  • One-paragraph written submission explaining who you are, why you want to join and what you can bring to the crew


Program Expectations

Each Police Rover is required to complete a certain number of mandatory volunteer hours for each year of service. First-year students are required to complete 50 hours; second-year Rovers are expected to commit to an additional 30 hours of service (minimum).

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities are restricted to members, who are all students of Humber College and are taking a program within the School of Social and Community Services (e.g. Police Foundations, Crime Scene Investigator, and Justice Studies, etc.). Students will be made aware of volunteer opportunities through the program advisors/executive members, Toronto Police Service, Scouts Canada or Humber College faculty.

How to Apply 

If you are a qualified candidate, speak to the faculty at your program. They will provide you with the information you need.