The Community School Liaison Officer & School Engagement Team (CSLO/SET) Coordinator works in partnership with both the Public and Catholic School Board officials, Private Schools, School Administrators, Teachers, Parents/Caregivers, Police Officers, Children’s Aid, Kids, Cops & Computers, Merry Go Round, Pro Action Cops and Kids and the community to establish and maintain a healthy and safe school environment. 

This position primarily works with Elementary and Secondary Schools. Its purpose is to promote, develop and provide up-to-date educational material for the Community School Liaison Officers (CSLO) and School Engagement Team Officers (SET) to utilize within the schools.  The coordinator also assists the Lockdown/Threat Assessment Coordinator in partnership with the CSLO/SET officers in facilitating threat assessment meetings and training with school board staff.  Training days are facilitated for the CSLO/SET officers to discuss current placements, updates and concerns. The training also includes discussions on current trends, new materials and outside resources to use within the schools/community. The Coordinator participates in committees regarding areas of engagement and concern that affect youth within the Elementary/Secondary Schools. 


  • Ensure the program remains in the schools – with future training, education and marketing the positives of having officers in the schools to the school community, in partnership with the school boards, this may be achieved
  • Examine the impact the CSLO/SET program has on crime rates/crime prevention within the school and surrounding communities (e.g. residential and business)
  • Provide more community meetings/trainings for the school communities and include School Officers and other organizations to enhance community engagement
  • Create a “Safety Village” that is designed and created by school communities, CSLO/SETs and other community members.  This could be a space to bring TPS and the community together which would provide a space for future safety trainings, community meetings, etc.  
  • To provide future opportunities for feedback re: SET Program from both the school community and CSLOs and SET

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