The current Crime Prevention Coordinator took over the position in August of 2017, after the previous coordinator retired. The duties assigned to the Crime Prevention Coordinator includes but not limited to

  • Ongoing day to day phone and email contact and regular meetings with CPO’s and CRO’s;
  • Providing updated pamphlets/fact sheets to CPOs;
  • Providing a current list of crime prevention resources to CPOs and member of the public;
  • Gathering and assessing all crime prevention initiatives throughout the TPS;
  • Assisting CPO’s with Crime Prevention presentations; and
  • Coordinating Toronto Police’s launch events for Crime Prevention Week, Police Week and Lock it or Lose it Campaign.

The Crime Prevention Coordinator is also the coordinator for one of ProAction’s largest and longest running programs, TROOP (Toronto Recreational Outreach Outtripping Program).


Crime Prevention Coordinator Goals for 2017 - 2018

  1. Increase DPSU Crime Prevention presence and support to Divisional Crime Prevention Officers and the Toronto Police Service by:
  • Working with the company awarded the RFP (# 1230502-17) for crime prevention consulting services during all phases of the project
  • Developing crime prevention resource information with written material and maintaining a catalogue of outside resource links.
  • Providing CPO’s with job specific information from the private industry.


  1. Increase the online presence/information of crime prevention by
  • Using Social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts).
  • Further developing the DPSU Crime Prevention Intranet site.
  • Updating the external Toronto Police Service crime prevention website.
  • Using Share Point to create an internal “Best Practices” information sharing site for CPO’s.
  • Enhancing the Toronto Police Service App to include crime prevention features in the App.


  1. Expand use of Auxiliary officers to support Crime Prevention by providing support to DPSU Auxiliary Unit and Divisional Auxiliary Co-ordinators by
  • Developing resource material and packaged initiatives for Auxiliary Officers.
  • Assisting with Crime Prevention training for Auxiliary Officers.
  • Certify Auxiliary Officers in CPTED Level 1 (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) to allow them to complete CPTED Audits for the public.


       4. Continue to coordinate and run TROOP trips for at risk youth in Toronto.


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Community Consultative Committee Application Form CPEU10

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