The Lockdown/Threat Assessment Coordinator (LTAC), works in partnership with Toronto Catholic and Toronto District School Board Superintendents, Administrators, Teachers, Parents, Police Officers, TPOC, Toronto Fire, EMS and the community to establish and build relationships to maintain a healthy and safe school community. The LTAC also manages the Kids Cops & Computers Program.


  • The officer is fully trained as the Lockdown coordinator. The topics (lockdown, shelter in place, hold and secure and bomb threats) were first introduced in the Police/School Protocol. The officer visits schools and delivers lockdown presentations to school staff and assists with lockdown drills throughout the school year. There are over 700 schools with the TDSB and TCDSB.
  • The Lockdown training has expanded to Private Schools, Jewish Schools, Islamic Schools, Turkish Schools, Adult Schools, in the Post-Secondary and Secondary boards. The training is also given to Colleges, Universities, Community Centres, Hospitals, Day Cares, Malls, Corporations (as a result of Community engagement) , Toronto Police College – Youth Investigators Course, CMU Course, Local divisions on Parade, Toronto Police Head Quarters – Entire building, and during the Sunday morning Active Attacker scenario’s. 

Threat Assessment

  • Recent events such as high-profile college and school shootings, terrorist attacks and other traumatic events have created a new culture of concern for Police, students and staff safety. In past cases of school violence, many administrators, police officers, educators, mental health professionals, families and peers had some knowledge prior to the incident. If the information had been shared, a clearer picture of the evolutionary pathway towards violence may have emerged.
  • The officer’s role as the Threat Assessment Coordinator is to work with the school boards as the services contact person to ensure proper Police representation during a Threat Assessment. The Officer also Co trains Police Officers, Teachers, Principals, and other school administrators with the TCDSB & TDSB Safe school Advisors. The training course is a full day and the participant receives a certificate once they have completed the training.

Contact Threat Assessment

40 College St, Toronto, ON M5G 2J3
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