The Crime Prevention Coordinator is also the coordinator for one of ProAction’s largest and longest running programs, TROOP (Toronto Recreational Outreach Outtripping Program). TROOP is a camping and canoeing program that takes at risk youth out of the city and into a wilderness environment. The youth are trained, and receive a provincial level certification in canoeing. TROOP works closely with the Boundless School, giving youth that have dropped out of high school a chance to earn the lost credits, and get their diploma.

Duties of the TROOP Coordinator include but not limited to

  • Plan, budget and implement all TROOP Trips;
  • Give TROOP Presentations to youth and community partners;
  • Recruit youth and community volunteers for the TROOP Program;
  • Liaise with the Boundless School;
  • Attend Boundless lead trips with youth;
  • Follow-up with youth and provide assistance where necessary; and
  • Complete year-end report for ProAction Cops and Kids.

As the TROOP Coordinator, the Crime Prevention Coordinator dedicates approximately two months of time and work to the program in a year. Most of that time is spent prepping, cleaning, or being out on a trip which takes place throughout the summer. The rest of the time spent on other TROOP related duties is spread out throughout the year, and is completed as needed.


15-20 Body-Worn Camera

15-20 Body-Worn Cameras Appendix A

Hate the Hate -- Report the Crime

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