Court Services now employs over 745 of the Service's approximately 2,500 civilian employees. It comprises several sub-units including Prisoner Transportation, Document Services, the Training Section, and the Computer Assisted Scheduling of Courts (CASC). The role of the Special Constables within these sub-units includes the service of legal documents; the execution of warrants; the collection DNA samples from convicted offenders as well as assisting the maintaining order during public demonstrations

As the City's demand for additional court rooms increases, so does the responsibility of Court Services. There are currently 16 court locations across Toronto, with a total of 272 court rooms. In 2017 approximately 64,907 in-custody accused appeared in these courtrooms. Also in that year, the Prisoner Transportation Section transported approximately 133,515 prisoners between police divisions and to and from detention centres. This required a professional staff of clerks, police officers and Special Constables, all working collaboratively in an impressive demonstration of excellence through people and partnerships.


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