The Public Safety Response Team (PSRT) is an intelligence-led, flexible, multi-functional support to frontline policing and community engagement initiatives. In addition, the unit has the ability to provide extreme event response, public order management, search management, and critical infrastructure protection.

PSRT mandate
  • Shootings Events: The PSRT will respond to shooting events during operational hours, liaise with the appropriate investigative unit (CSRT and/or Homicide Squad); and assess the likely location(s) of retaliatory shooting(s) and potential persons or groups that may be involved. The PSRT will proactively attend the area(s) in a high visibility capacity and engage in activities to suppress further violence.

  • Conduct Bail Compliance Checks: The PSRT will conduct thorough investigations into bail non-compliance and make arrests where grounds exist. This may require committed investigative time to gather and preserve the proper evidence to prove a breach of condition(s) to a level that would allow the Crown Attorney to successfully present a case for a detention order and eventually to record a conviction.

  • Continued Collaboration with Partner Agencies, Units and Support for Gang Exit Efforts: Early intervention and prevention is a valuable component in reducing the social and financial cost of youth crime and violence. Bail compliance activities facilitate an opportunity to provide information and resources about gang exiting and early intervention referrals to offenders and at-risk family members in a more private setting.

  • Extreme Event Response: The PSRT will continue to be a highly visible uniform presence, distributed across the City, readily available for initial and ongoing response to public safety emergencies.

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