The purpose of Wellness Unit is to contribute to the Service's mission, goals, and objectives by delivering an effective, efficient, and economical support service that improves the wellness of our members.

The Wellness Unit is responsible for:

Medical Advisory Services
  • Management of short and long term disability claims
  • Determining eligibility for Central Sick Leave Bank
  • Monitoring CSLB recipients
  • Creating and implementing vocational rehabilitation programs
  • Development of accommodation plans for disabled employees
  • Creating return to work programs
  • Providing specialist referral
  • Providing substance abuse counselling
  • Conducting fitness for duty assessments
  • Authorizing members on restricted duties
  • Management of Independent Medical Examinations when requested by the IME Committee
  • Medical monitoring of employees (e.g. lead monitoring)
  • Maintaining confidentiality of medical records
  • Providing counselling on personal wellness
  • Monitoring on communicable diseases exposure
  • Development of programs to enhance the occupational health of the members
  • Providing advice to members on general health issues


Workers' Compensation Services
  • Management of claims relating to occupational illness and injury
  • Reporting claims to the WSIB within the legislated time limits
  • Liaise with the WSIB on all issues relating to claims
  • Co-ordinate all aspects of return to work programs, including ergonomic and environmental changes
  • Reviewing claims for eligibility in accordance with WSIB and Service policies
  • Representing the Service at all WSIB hearings and adjudication
  • Maintaining confidential records of all claims
  • Compiling of statistics and maintenance of records relating to accident and injury trends, rates and costs
Safety Services
  • Assessing occupational illness and injury reports
  • Identifying unsafe work standards or practices and make recommendations to resolve unsafe work practices
  • Liaise with and advise members of local Joint Health and Safety Committees
  • Responding to recommendations from the Committees with respect to workplace safety
  • Conducting initial investigation of ergonomic and hygiene complaints
  • Reviewing all Critical Injury accidents, liaise with investigators, report as required by law
  • Maintaining records of all chemical and physical hazards used or found in the workplace
  • Liaise with MAS regarding medical monitoring of members
  • Participating as required on committees related to safety issues
  • Providing and/or co-ordinating occupational health and safety training
  • Monitoring local Joint Health and Safety Committee activities and minutes
  • Acting as resource person to local Committees
  • Ensuring compliance with all legislated safety standards


  • Providing advice and referral to members on lifestyle changes intended to promote an improved state of physical, mental and psychosocial health
  • Overseeing and co-ordinating delivery of outreach proactive programs in conjunction with other internal and external stakeholders to address relevant health issues (e.g. stress management)
  • Coordinating delivery of proactive health improvement programs, such as flu vaccines in conjunction with internal and external stakeholders

Contact Wellness

40 College St. Toronto On M5G 2J3
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