The Toronto Police Service has identified Traffic Safety as a Service Priority. This priority was determined through extensive consultation with both members of the Service and members of the community, as well as from a comprehensive analysis of ongoing trends and anticipated challenges to the delivery of police services within the coming years.

Traffic Services has developed a Comprehensive Traffic Safety Strategy, the focus of which is education, awareness and enforcement. The goal is to deliver effective and efficient traffic policing services aimed at reducing collisions and incidents of poor driving behaviour thereby reducing deaths and injuries, and to ensure the orderly movement of traffic on our city streets.

Members of Traffic Services Traffic Safety Programs have designed a number of traffic safety initiatives that were implemented into service. Some of these traffic safety programs operated in conjunction with national and provincial traffic safety programs while others were specific to traffic and community issues within Toronto. The success of any traffic safety campaign is not solely measured by level of enforcement accomplished, such as the number of tickets issued. Achieving an increased level of awareness and compliance with our traffic laws are of equal importance.

Through partnerships with our surrounding Greater Toronto Area police services, the traffic safety message is being heard throughout the community.

Contact Traffic Safety Programs: Sergeant Brett Moore 416-808-1985