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Things you should know

The Toronto Police Service seeks applications from experienced police officers. When Experienced Officer job postings are active, you will find the posting under the “Uniform Opportunities” icon as a Lateral/Experienced Officer application. This applies only for those who have served as a Military Police officer. Do not submit your application as a new hire.

If you are a current and/or past members of any military service, we ask that you proceed through the Constable Selection System as a new hire, which can be found in the “Uniform Opportunities” icon as a “Cadet-in-Training”

Minimum requirements:

  • Successful completion of recruit training at the Ontario Police College, R.C.M.P. Depot or at the accredited facilities below:
    • British Columbia Institute of Justice
    • Edmonton Police Service
    • Calgary Police Service
    • Saskatchewan Police College
    • Winnipeg Police Service
    • École nationale de police du Québec
    • Atlantic Police Academy
    • Canadian Military Police Academy
  • Have successfully completed your probationary period with a recognized Canadian Police Service or equivalent
  • Valid driver’s license
  • Valid CPR level “C” and Standard First Aid certificates
  • Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent
  • Valid Ontario fitness PIN or equivalent 
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada
  • Member in good standing  
  • Be of good moral character and habits, meaning that you are an individual other people view as being trustworthy and having integrity
Shift Schedule & Seniority
Day, Afternoons, Nights. The shift schedule varies in each Division. The duration of each shift also varies and are either 8, 10 or 12 hour shifts. Applicants should be aware that we provide service to the community 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which includes statutory holidays.  

Annual leave and seniority

If you are hired as an experienced officer, you will receive a credit (lieu time) equivalent to your present annual leave. This is non-cashable and must be used within the first year of employment. Lateral Hires/Experienced Officers are considered new hires once employed by the TPS, regardless of their length of service with their previous service. Previous service does not count towards the calculation of service/retention pay. Up to and including first class constable, applicants will be accepted at their current rank. 
Salary & Benefits

The Toronto Police Service provides its members with some of the industry’s leading salaries and benefits, effective wellness programs and rewarding personal and professional development opportunities. 

The following table represents the salary structure for Toronto Police Service Constables.

Toronto Police Service Base Salary (as of January 2021)

  • Cadet in Training         $65,811.67
  • 4th Class Constable    $73,142.64
  • 3rd Class Constable    $83,599.34
  • 2nd Class Constable   $94,047.70
  • 1st Class Constable    $104,491.87

Compensation and Benefits

As a full-time employee of the Toronto Police Service you receive:

  • Family Health Care Plan
  • Family Dental Plan
  • Vision/Hearing Care
  • Pay Direct Pharmaceutical Card
  • Life Insurance
  • Paid Vacation (80 hours lieu time for the first year)
  • On-site fitness facilities
  • Access to the Police Credit Union (for additional information please visit
  • Pension Plan (OMERS)*
  • Employee and Family Assistance Program
  • Parental Leave

*The Toronto Police Service is a member of the OMERS pension plan. Please be sure to contact OMERS regarding the transfer of an existing pension.

Career Development

The Toronto Police Service is committed to providing our members with ongoing opportunities for personal and professional development. We pride ourselves on providing members with the most up-to-date training resources available to ensure that each and every officer’s personal and professional developmental ambitions are fulfilled.

We support our members by offering a number of career options. If you are hired as a Police Constable and gain experience, there are over 180 different career opportunities within the Toronto Police Service. You are encouraged to seek out the challenges that interest you the most. Where do you see yourself?

  • Primary Response Unit
  • Community Response Unit
  • Emergency Task Force
  • Financial Crimes Unit
  • Forensic Identification Services
  • Homicide Squad
  • Mounted Unit
  • Marine Unit
  • Police Dog Services
  • Public Safety Unit
  • Sex Crimes Unit
  • Traffic Services
What will my hiring journey look like as a Lateral Hire/Rehire?
Icons with text: 1. Pre-application. 2. Application & pre-screening. 3. Interview & background investigation. 4. Offer of Employment

1. Pre-application

a) Be currently serving or have served with a Canadian Police Service within the last two years

b) Possess valid Ontario Driver’s License, with full driving privileges

c) Possess Canadian Citizenship or Canadian Permanent Resident Card 

d) Provide valid standard First Aid / CPR level C certificates

e) Possess valid PIN test

f) Possess Ontario Police College certificate (BCT) or equivalency from an accredited facility

  • Accredited facilities include: British Columbia Institute of Justice, Edmonton Police Service, Calgary Police Service, Saskatchewan Police College, Winnipeg Police Service, Ecole Nationale de Police du Quebec and Atlantic Police Academy


2. Application & Pre-Screening

a) Complete an online application as an “Experienced Officer” [link to application]

b) Successfully complete your PIN Test (75% minimum)


3. Interview & Background Investigation

a) During this stage, Talent Acquisition will perform a full background investigation to determine suitability 

b) Provide original documentation of pre-application requirements (this can include your current police service warrant card and badge or other documents for verification)

c) Complete a preliminary interview

d) Undergo a written psychological assessment

e) Participate in a psychological interview


4. Offer of Employment

a) Accept your conditional offer of employment

b) Non-Ontario police officers and Military police must write an Ontario Police College equivalency exam.

  • RCMP officers are exempt from this requirement.

d) Complete a medical assessment

e) Attend sworn ceremony

f) Undergo training (as determined by the Toronto Police College)



Reach out to TPS’ Uniform Recruitment Team at [email protected], who are eager to guide you through the process. Please note, application timelines vary between candidates, and applications are valid for a one-year period from time of submission.

Apply to Join the Service


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