CPIC is the national database accessible to all Canadian law enforcement agencies. Special Interest Police (SIP) entries for Attempt/Threaten Suicide are entered to CPIC to communicate relevant information to police agencies for public safety purposes. The Toronto Police Service will enter a SIP for Attempt/Threaten Suicide to CPIC if one or more of the following criteria is met:

  1. the suicide attempt involved the threat of serious violence or harm, or the actual use of serious violence or harm, directed at other individuals;

  2. the suicide attempt could reasonably be considered to be an intentional provocation of lethal response by the police;
  3. the individual involved had a history of serious violence or harm to others;
  4. the suicide attempt occurred while the individual was in police custody; or
  5. the individual is apprehended under Section 17 of the Mental Health Act and a Form 1 has been issued.

Members of the public can receive written confirmation as to whether they currently have a suicide-related SIP entry on CPIC by submitting a request in writing to the Manager, Records Management Services, Toronto Police Service. A letter will be mailed to the requestor confirming if a suicide-related SIP entry is on CPIC or not. Members of the public can also submit a request for a copy of their police report/occurrence through the Access and Privacy Section of the Toronto Police Service.

Individuals have the right to apply for the removal of their suicide-related entries from CPIC at any time.

The Toronto Police Service has implemented a reconsideration process for a member of the public to request SIP information for Attempt/Threaten Suicide to be removed from CPIC.


Reconsideration Process

CPIC – Attempt/Threaten Suicide Entry Reconsideration Panel
c/o Manager
Records Management Services
Toronto Police Service
40 College Street
Toronto,ON M5G 2J3

  1. An individual should make a request to have their Attempt/Threaten Suicide information removed from CPIC by submitting a request in writing to:
  2. The Reconsideration Panel shall consist of the following members:
    • Manager of Records Management Services (RMS)
    • Assistant Manager of RMS-Operations
    • Senior CPIC Specialist of RMS-Operations
  3. In addition to the Attempt/Threaten Suicide criteria listed above ((a)-(e)), the Reconsideration Panel will take the following criteria into account during their review:
    • date of the incident(s) leading to the entry;
    • the age of the applicant at the time of the incident;
    • all information available to the police service that relates to the applicant;
    • details of the incident including;
      • any written information provided by the applicant including supporting documentation; and
      • Information provided by the officers who had contact with the individual at the time of that incident, if available.
  4. The Reconsideration Panel will also accept and consider any relevant information provided by the applicant or their representative.
  5. The applicant will be notified in writing of the Panel’s decision. Where the Panel decides to refuse a request for removal, the written decision will include reasons based on the information and criteria referred to in sections 3. and 4.

Contact Records Management Services

40 College St. Toronto ON M5G 2J3
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