Do you have an incident you need to report? Numerous Police Reports can be filed online including illegal parking, damage to property, damage to vehicle, local traffic issues or concerns, general driving complaints, graffiti, fraud and theft. 

Is Your Incident Outside of Toronto?

To report a non-emergency incident that occurred outside of the City of Toronto, please contact the police service that is responsible for that area.

Lost Property Worth OVER $500?

Lost Property reports are not actively investigated by the Toronto Police Service and are kept for records purposes. Lost property refers to items that were accidently left behind somewhere or misplaced

The Toronto Police Service will only accept Lost Property reports by telephone for LOST items that:

  • Have an externally visible serial number and  are worth more than $500, or
  • It is determined that there is a public interest in recording the details of the LOST item

Lost Property, Banking Card or Identification Resources

File a Police Report