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Seeing Themselves on Skis

Constable Niruban Ganeshalingam is helping to get teens on the ski slopes just as he was introduced to the sport he now loves as a student. “Growing up in Sri Lanka, I was not exposed to the sport,” Ganeshalingam said. “When I came here, I thought it was too expensive...

Honouring Humanity and Faith

Honouring Humanity and Faith Not a day goes by without Parking Enforcement Officer Vijeyakumar Alaguras thinking about his 10-year-daughter who died in a vehicle collision six years ago. Many days, he shed tears. Sitting in the backseat of a car driven by her mom, Shamalee Vijeyakumar was killed in a...

Off-Duty Officer Intervenes in Subway Attack, Makes Arrest

An off-duty Toronto Police officer on his way to work ended a spree of random assaults on the streetcar and subway arresting a woman alleged to have been armed with a glass bottle. During the Monday, December 19 rush hour, Detective James Thompson was on a southbound subway car on...



Officers Honoured at National Memorial

Chief James Ramer led a group of Toronto police officers participating in the National Peace Officers Memorial ceremony on September 25 in Ottawa. Acting Deputy Chiefs Lauren Pogue and Pauline Gray also joined the Chief in recognizing the lives of officers added to the memorial hall on Parliament Hill, including...

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