Why Toronto?

Toronto is a city of nearly 3 million people but still feels like a collection of small neighbourhoods where you’ll meet people from all around the world. People are drawn to this safe and inclusive city, with half the population being immigrants to Canada, choosing to raise their families and share the food and culture of their homelands. It’s the most exciting and dynamic place in Canada where people flock to our entertainment, museums, art galleries, restaurants and sporting events creating lifelong memories. And through our growth, we’ve managed to work together to keep our community one of the safest large cities.

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Yonge and Dundas Sts. Photo: Michael Ramsey

Why the Toronto Police Service?

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We are a team

Please explore the incredibly versatile and rewarding career opportunities available at the Toronto Police Service. The TPS is a team of more than 7,000 members, many who serve as police officers but also in a variety of uniform and non-uniform roles. What they all have in common is a commitment to public safety and working alongside our communities to keep Toronto the best and safest place to be.

We are dynamic

At the Toronto Police Service, no two days are the same, and no two events are alike. We work in a dynamic and fast-paced environment that is constantly changing to meet the needs of our diverse and growing communities. 

Members of the TPS, no matter what their role, work to keep the city running safely and smoothly. From protecting the people who live, work and visit here, to getting emergency services to people in need, to helping Torontonians stay safe during rush hour – and everything in between. 

The TPS offers unique and rewarding career opportunities – and all of them allow you make a meaningful difference. Please explore this site to discover more about what it means to work for the TPS and the career that awaits you.

What our newest members have to say:

This is my third career. I was working at a bank and moving up quite quickly when I ended up in the financial crimes department. I was given some great advice to apply for a civilian position with the TPS, so I jumped on board as a Parking Enforcement Officer, which was such a good choice for me. In that role, I developed myself and learned the skills to become a police constable, and now I am!

I came to Canada from Poland with a Medical Doctor diploma. As I was studying for my equivalency exams I worked in numerous different jobs. Policing was not my first or second career but I would not change it. I just wish I did it 20 years ago!

We are progressive

The Toronto Police Service is recognized worldwide for our progressive and award-winning initiatives in the areas of community based policing, technical innovation, officer training and recruitment practices. As an organization committed to excellence, innovation and quality leadership, we provide our members with ongoing and rewarding training and education, and with unlimited advancement opportunities.

As we protect the community, the TPS is equally committed to cultivating a safe work environment for our members. We have taken steps to foster a workplace that respects and appreciates the diversity of all our members, promotes psychological wellness and wellbeing, and makes the mental health of our members a top priority.

We are invested in our communities

When we ask our members why they wanted to work at the Toronto Police Service, the responses are all very similar: to be a positive influence, to help others, to make our communities safe, to assist the vulnerable and protect them, to bridge the gap between the police and the public, to connect communities, to support and help people when they need it most…

Connecting with our communities, being innovative and forward thinking, leading and inspiring, and most importantly, being accountable and delivering results, are key cornerstones of good policing.


Delivering our services while earning the respect of our communities is the foundation of our success. It takes the right person in the role to make this happen, which is why the TPS is committed to finding the best and most suitable candidates to join our service.

"Why I became a police officer? To be part of a dynamic and ever-changing career while being a positive role model in my community”
- Cadet in training    

We are inclusive

Do you know that Toronto is home to almost 3 million people? Being a large city with complex needs has many challenges and requires our members to possess unique skills and abilities. All our members, civilian and sworn, deliver services to our communities professionally, efficiently and effectively. Every role and responsibility is vital to keeping Toronto the best and safest place to be. We are seeking talented individuals like you to fill these important roles.

I chose to apply to the Toronto Police Service because they are known to be diverse and inclusive. Being a Trans man, diversity and inclusion are very important to me,
and I wanted to make sure I was applying to a service that I knew I would be comfortable working for.
Eventually, I would love to have a role connecting with the LGBTQ2S+ community, more specifically the Trans community.
My advice to others considering a career with the TPS is to work hard for what you want. Nothing will be handed to you, but it is definitely worth it!

- Miles

We encourage individuals from our diverse communities – including Indigenous Peoples, persons with disabilities, women, persons from racialized groups, LGBTQ2S+ persons – to seek a career at the Toronto Police Service. Candidates are considered particularly competitive if they have the ability to fluently speak another language(s), possess lived experience, contribute and give back to their communities, and adhere to our core values and competencies.

Meet Constable Shreen Namatalla

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Meet Constable Atanas Raffaello


We offer options for a lifelong career

As the pinnacle of urban policing, Toronto Police Service offers endless options for career satisfaction and advancement.  We are comprised of 16 Divisions and dozens more specialized units, including the Marine Unit, Police Dog Services and the Emergency Task Force to name a few. We have a Neighbourhood Community Officer Program that creates opportunities for officers to establish and grow relationships with communities and proactively police in partnership with them.

You can join as a civilian uniform officer, fulfilling Special Constable roles such as court security, booking prisoners to working on the road supporting police officers at crime scenes.

There are also hundreds of administrative and support roles from working at the front desk of a police station to serving as an executive member of the Command Team.

With myriad opportunities for personal and professional growth, the Toronto Police Service is a natural choice for anyone looking to continuously explore new opportunities while gaining invaluable experiences.

We provide best-in-sector education

The Toronto Police College offers comprehensive training programs for all members of the Service and occasionally, outside agencies, stakeholders and other first responders.  All cadets, as well as uniform civilian members attend the College before being deployed to the field and all members continue to attend throughout their careers for educational and career enhancement training, in addition to annual in-service training for police officers

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Your Hiring Journey

A group of men and women in TPS uniform suing a crosswalk
There are many different career paths to take at the Toronto Police Service but you are part of a larger team Photo: Kevin Masterman

The Toronto Police Service receives thousands of applications each month, which makes the hiring process extremely competitive. You will need to ensure your resume is up to date and that you possess the necessary skills and abilities to make you a competitive candidate.

Your application is kept active for one-year from the date we receive it and we ask that you not re-apply for the same position within that period. Once you submit your application, it is reviewed to ensure you meet all the minimum requirements and only the most suitable applicants are invited to continue the process. It should be noted that applicants are selected based on their suitability for the position, not the date on which they submitted their application. 

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  • Browse the Toronto Police website, and visit our Careers section, where you can learn about current opportunities that are available to you

  • Attend our General Information Sessions

  • Ensure key components of your application are ready (updated resume, prepared for shuttle run, etc.)


  • Obtain your Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) Certificate (Police Constable roles)

  • Submit your online application

  • Accept any requests for information (i.e. completing a pre-background questionnaire)

  • Accept any invitations for testing (i.e. shuttle run: stage 7 for Police Constable, stage 6 for District Special Constable, Stage 4 for Parking Enforcement Officer)


  • Accept your invitation for an interview (can include in-person, digital, blended written, and/or local in-focus interviews)

  • Accept your invitation for a psychological assessment (Police Constable roles)

  • Accept your conditional offer of employment

  • Complete your full medical assessment and final fitness assessment (Police Constable roles)

Uniform or Civilian Careers

Every function within the Toronto Police Service is unique – but all are fundamentally important to keeping Toronto the best and safest place to be. Members are identified as “Uniform” or “Civilian”. Police officers are uniformed members and all other roles are civilian. There are a wide variety of opportunities to serve our communities in a civilian role, such as parking enforcement officers, district special constables, court officers, and communications operators. The TPS also hires for many corporate support positions, ranging from administrative roles, to positions in information technology, or finance and business management, just to name a few.
Be sure to check out our current open positions.

Uniform roles
We hire new police officers as well as officers from other police services

Civilian roles
Some of the more common opportunities available on the civilian side:

Our Shared Values

Integrity is at the heart of our Service, each applicant should see themselves in our core values and competencies


Toronto Police College

Toronto Police College provides an array of training courses starting with new recruits, all the way through to senior managers.


Contact Talent Acquisition

40 College St., Toronto, ON M5G 2J3
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