Police Constable Cedron Deane left his career in the financial sector to become a member of the Toronto Police Service where he began his career in the fast-paced, downtown core, out of 52 Division. He was assigned to frontline officer duties in the Primary Response Unit followed by training in the Community Response Unit (CRU) foot patrol and the Criminal Investigative Bureau (CIB).

“I grew up in multicultural Scarborough. I am thankful for being exposed to different cultures and communities. I enjoy meeting new people and talking to them about their life experiences. Being able to liaise with members of various communities both young and old in the course of my duties is rewarding," says Deane.

During his time at 52 Division he also completed training for the designation of Scenes of Crime Officer (SOCO) in addition to working as a Detective Constable in the Warrant Section of the CIB.

“I have always taken pride in being meticulous with my work. I have always understood the importance of paying attention to detail and doing things the right way. It is just part of my makeup. Being able to grasp new concepts and learn new methods has always come easy for me. It felt good knowing that my contributions to investigations played an integral part in identifying suspects. Whether it was through taking photographs, lifting fingerprints or gathering DNA samples. In addition to liaising with courts and other agencies to process documents for wanted parties.”

In his 17th year as an officer, Cedron is now a recruiter in the Talent Acquisition Unit. Some of his many duties includes; creating; coordinating and conducting outreach to various community groups.

“I believe in people and value diversity. It is important that all members of all communities know that there is a place for them within our Service. I enjoy seeking out, attracting and educating people regarding the various opportunities that exist for them within our Service. I am a firm believer that we as an organization must continue to strive to make our Service more diverse, which in turn makes us more effective in serving the various communities in our fine city.”

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