The Toronto Police Service Vulnerable Persons Registry is a voluntary database that provides important information to first responders about the issues that vulnerable members of the community might be coping with. The information in the database includes details such as specific behaviours officers might encounter, recommended de-escalation strategies and contact information for family members or other individuals who can provide support.

Dispatchers, police officers and other support personnel will then be able to access this information when they are interacting with the person. This leads to a better understanding of the causes for behaviours and provides officers with information about how to best assist the person.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who can provide information for the Vulnerable Persons Registry?
  • What are the advantages of entering this information in the Vulnerable Persons Registry?
  • What kind of information will be recorded in the Vulnerable Persons Registry?
  • How does this differ from the Medic Alert Connect Protect program?
  • How will this information be used by police?
  • Will this information be used in police background screenings?
  • How long will the Toronto Police Service retain this information?
  • How do I remove a vulnerable person’s information from the database?

Terms and Conditions

When submitting information to the Vulnerable Persons Registry you are agreeing that the information you are providing is correct to the best of your knowledge.

Providing false information in this report is a criminal offence.

Submit to Registry

Paper-based Submissions

There is a also a paper-based form that can be submitted at a police Division on this page below. Please carefully review and fill out the form before coming to a police staion (Find your local station here)

Also, please bring the following:

  • A piece of government issued photo identification for yourself (eg: Driver’s Licence, passport).

  • Birth Certificate, Power of Attorney or Other Documentation that provides you with guardianship over the Vulnerable Person.

  • If you are Self-Reporting, please provide your own government-issued photo identification.

If you wish to change the information or want to remove the entry from the registry, please visit the police station to file a supplemental report.


Vulnerable Persons Registry Occurrence Form

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