We are actively hiring former TPS officers

Have you previously served as a Toronto Police Service (TPS) officer and are interested in returning? Uniform Recruitment Team wants to hear from you!


Why Return?

Our TPS officers have a passion for serving a big city. Toronto, which is more culturally diverse and vibrant than ever, offers many opportunities to be involved in meaningful work that contributes to uplifting our diverse set of communities. Many returning officers share in the desire to be a role model within their community, and want to make a difference on a larger scale, while gaining access to a variety of roles and professional development opportunities along the way.


Did you know?

It’s possible to return to TPS at your former rank. On a case-by-case basis, the Chief of Police can authorize that a returning member is re-appointed to the rank assigned at the time of their resignation.


Simplified Rehire Process
Icons with text: 1. Application and screening process. 2. Interview and background investigation. 3. Offer of employment

1. Application & Pre-Screening

a) Complete an online application as an Experienced Police Constable uniform role

b) Successfully complete your PIN Test (75% minimum)

c) Draft a written application to the Chief of Police ( Send to [email protected]) outlining your interest in returning

2. Interview & Background Investigation

a) During this stage, Talent Acquisition will perform a full background investigation to determine suitability 

b) Complete a preliminary interview

c) Undergo a written psychological assessment

d) Participate in a psychological interview

3. Offer of Employment

a) Accept your conditional offer of employment

b) Complete a medical assessment

c) Attend sworn ceremony

d) Undergo training (as determined by the Toronto Police College)


Reach out to TPS’ Uniform Recruitment Team at [email protected], who are eager to guide you through the process.

Please note, application timelines vary between candidates, and applications are valid for a one-year period from time of submission.