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Games Connects Officers Worldwide

Constable Farzhad Ghotbi had a lot on his plate at the just concluded World Police & Fire Games (WPFG) in Winnipeg. As a Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association member assisting with ensuring that Toronto Police Service (TPS) athletes were successful in navigating the Games environment, and a competitor, he excelled....



Kids and Cops Play at TPAAA Games

Without a cloud in the sky, and with music blaring, over 160 children participated in the 76th annual TPAAA Playground Games. Held at the Regent Park Athletic Grounds, the Games provide opportunities to teach local kids a variety of sports, including cricket, basketball, lacrosse and soccer. Each sport station is...



Afghan Newcomers Celebrated

On June 28th, the first day of Eid and just days before Canada Day, Project Hope, partnering with the Toronto Police Service and Afghan Nobel TV hosted a first-of-its-kind Afghan Newcomers Welcoming event. Project Hope was started by Constables Mustafa Popalzai and Farzad Ghotbi, with the support of 51 Division,...

New Constable Reconnects with Police Mentor

Growing up Rashid Mbarouk saw the toll that violence took on a community and was inspired to do what he could to keep his city safe. The Tanzanian immigrant came to Canada with his family in 2004 settling in Lawrence Heights, where he was exposed to the tragedy of losing...

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