The Strategy & Risk Management is divided into several sections with unique responsibliities.

Strategy Management is overseen by Staff Superintendent Robert Johnson.

The Strategy Management Unit is led by Acting Superintendent Anthony Paoletta and 2nd-In-Command Inspector Catherine Jackson.

The Strategic Planning section is lead by Acting Manager Peter Koutsovasilis and the Governance section by Staff Sergeant Maggie Mastrokostas.

Responsibilities of Strategy Management includes:

  • To work with Command, all members, and the community to define and develop the strategic priorities and best plans to achieve outcomes that support the TPS Mission
  • Engagement of members in visioning, strategic planning and programming processes
  • Develop the global strategic priorities and plan
  • Recommend and support those investment choices that drive improved performance and cost effectiveness
  • Translate strategic organizational objectives clearly and effectively all the way to the front line of operations
  • Instituationalizing Innovation/Continuous Improvement
  • Informing the Chief on trends/best practices

Audit & Quality Assurance is overseen by Manager Dana Styra.

Audit & Quality Assurance is responsible for performing mandated audits; risk-based financial, Information Technology and operational audits that assess effectiveness, efficiency and value for money; Provincial Adequacy Standard compliance audits; special projects requested by Command, and inspections of divisions/units to ensure compliance with TPS Standards and Governance.  Audit & Quality Assurance is also responsible for monitoring status of TPS-generated recommendations and external recommendations from Coroner's Inquests, Auditor General, Ministry, OIPRD and OCPC to ensure appropriate corrective action is taken.