The Strategy & Risk Management Unit is divided into several sections with unique responsibliities.

Responsibilities of Strategy Management includes:

  • To work with Command, all members, and the community to define and develop the strategic priorities and best plans to achieve outcomes that support the TPS Mission
  • Engagement of members in visioning, strategic planning and programming processes
  • Develop the global strategic priorities and plan
  • Recommend and support those investment choices that drive improved performance and cost effectiveness
  • Translate strategic organizational objectives clearly and effectively all the way to the front line of operations
  • Instituationalizing Innovation/Continuous Improvement
  • Informing the Chief on trends/best practices

Audit & Quality Assurance

Audit & Quality Assurance is responsible for performing mandated audits; risk-based financial, Information Technology and operational audits that assess effectiveness, efficiency and value for money; Provincial Adequacy Standard compliance audits; special projects requested by Command, and inspections of divisions/units to ensure compliance with TPS Standards and Governance.  Audit & Quality Assurance is also responsible for monitoring status of TPS-generated recommendations and external recommendations from Coroner's Inquests, Auditor General, Ministry, OIPRD and OCPC to ensure appropriate corrective action is taken.