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Officers Risk Lives to Save Woman



Two 14 Division officers risked their lives to save a woman in crisis who had jumped into Lake Ontario. On November 4 at around 10 p.m., Constables Alexander Young and Adam Veleke were in their scout car near the Dufferin Gate Loop when the call came in that a woman...

Acts of Giving Across City

41 Division
42 Division
43 Division
Communications Services
Toronto Police Service members performed acts of giving in celebration of Christmas to connect with the most vulnerable members of our community. Alin Savik and his family have had many challenges to overcome in the last few years. Born with an intestinal disorder, one of their two children has had...

Service Celebrates Chanukah

Office of the Chief
A menorah was lit at Toronto Police headquarters to celebrate Chanukah. Chief Myron Demkiw and the province’s Solicitor General Michael Kerzner attended the historic ceremony in the lobby on December 22. “Chanukah is an amazing opportunity for us to understand the power of light,” said Kerzner. “We have light within...

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