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Giving Back to Community in Uniform

Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit
Set to retire in 2025 and already looking for opportunities to fill that time, Mark Lasso chose to volunteer through the Toronto Police Service Auxiliary program. “I play soccer and volleyball and engage in other athletic activities with Toronto police officers who thought this would be a good fit,” said...

Toy Drive Has Immeasurable Impact

41 Division
42 Division
43 Division
The annual Auxiliary Toy Drive often has an impact beyond what most participants can imagine. Superintendent David Rydzik was reminded of that impact when days before the launch of this year’s toy drive a 22-year-old man approached him to ask if he remembered him. Sensing he couldn’t, the 43 Division...

Volunteering in Uniform

Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit
Toronto Police College
The latest class of 30 Auxiliary Officers, who serve with the Toronto Police Service in a volunteer role, graduated this week. Acting Staff Superintendent Shannon Dawson said Auxiliary officers support the Service in building and maintaining trust with the communities the organization serves. “I know you will be guided by...

Remembering Humble Volunteer

Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit
One of the longest serving Toronto Police Service Auxiliary members has passed away. Bob Clements, who joined in January 1963, passed away recently. He became an Auxiliary member six years after the Metropolitan Toronto Police Force was formed. “Bob was passionate about volunteering and giving back to the city of...

Honouring Vital Work of Volunteers

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12 Division
14 Division
22 Division
23 Division
32 Division
33 Division
41 Division
42 Division
43 Division
51 Division
52 Division
53 Division
55 Division
Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit
Office of the Chief
Since 2017, Rajat Raj has been volunteering with Toronto Police Service (TPS) and he relishes every moment. “I want to get into policing and I see this as the perfect stepping stone to learn as I prepare for that role,” he said. “I like to engage with community and I...

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