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Report Hate Crimes Anonymously

Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit
Reporting hate crimes is essential for a safe and healthy city, whether it be directly to police or anonymously. Toronto Crime Stoppers have launched a campaign to encourage reporting of hate crimes while bringing awareness to the devastating impact these crimes have on communities. “Concerned citizens who see something and...

Hate Has No Space in Our City

Office of the Chief
Toronto Police Chief Myron Demkiw has made it clear that demonstrations or people congregating on the Avenue Rd. bridge over Highway 401 will be no longer be permitted and there will be arrests if necessary. “This is an overpass over the busiest highway in Canada, it is a piece of...

Robust Response to Hate-Motivated Crime

Intelligence Services
Office of the Chief
The Toronto Police Service is committing a significant number of resources to address the significant spike in hate crimes in the city since the events in the Middle East began October 7. Police officers have been attending almost daily demonstrations and gatherings to keep the peace, some with more than...

Leadership in Hate Crimes Investigations

Intelligence Services
When ‘Your Ward News’ hit newsstands for the first time in March 2015, many readers were shocked by the overtly racist Neo-Nazi themes and misogynistic remarks. Detective Kiran Bisla, the Toronto Police Service’s Hate Crime Coordinator, was involved in the investigation into the racist content from the beginning. As the...

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