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15-20 Body-Worn Camera

15-20 Body-Worn Cameras Appendix A

Hate the Hate -- Report the Crime

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Charities Collect on Monopoly Game Sales

Torontonians have a new way to celebrate their city and support local charities. Toronto Police Chief James Ramer and SickKids youth ambassador Ethan Hayes tested the new Monopoly: Toronto edition board game at police headquarters on November 10. Licensed by Hasbro Inc., it is a limited-edition version of the classic...

Collect $200 for ProAction Cops & Kids

Community Partnerships and Engagement Unit
You can support police-led youth programs by celebrating your city when buying the Toronto Edition Monopoly game. Money raised from the sale of the classic board game will go to ProAction Cops & Kids, as well as other Toronto non-profits. Since its inception in 1991, ProAction Cops &...

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