Preparing for Duty

This video showcases the transformation of a stock car to a Toronto Police scout car. The cars seen in this video are among the last ten Ford Crown Victoria Interceptors in the Toronto Police fleet. A replacement has not been announced as we continue to test different vehicles. Stock cars are taken to Toronto Police garages, where they are stripped of their interior in order to install custom wiring harnesses and electronics. The interiors are reassembled, and the remainder of the equipment is installed including a partition separating officers from the backseat, a computer, and an in-car video system. Finally, decals are adhered after a quick wash. The coordinated effort of mechanics, electronics technicians and telecommunication technicians results in a "mobile office" for frontline officers. The newly minted police patrol car, or "scout car" as they are refered to in Toronto, will see more on-duty hours than off, as the morning, afternoon, and night shift all share the same pool of cars. On average, a scout car retires from emergency response duty with 80,000 kms., after which they are used for non-emergency roles.